Handling. Besides the obvious comfort ctor there are more important reasons that make fullsuspension essential for any ebikes going close to mph. The rear suspension helps tremendously with traction on the ground and lets you keep control of your bike at higher speed, whether you are riding on pothole lined or cracked city streets or a trail with loose gravel, dirt, exposed roots. A Porsche wont be a Porsche without great suspension.

We are finished our launch of MOAR EBikes on indiegogo, now you can preorder by clicking below.

Bike is a life. At MOAR, we design our ebikes to be used everyday, not just for weekends, or just as a commuter bike. It is the way we use our ebikes as transportation, as daily errand runner, as weekend fun and relaxation machine that drives our philosophy and our view of what an ebike should be.

Our own patented design, one of the features that turn Moar bikes into a pragmatic daily commuter and errand runner. A unique sturdy rack that is part of the bike frame, independent from the rear suspension and is welded to the frame as part of the design language of the bike, creating a strong statement and extending the exciting lines of the frame.

Two words, Ride and Handling. ALL Moar ebikes are equipped with both REAR and front suspensions, not just a front fork. There is a good reason that you only find rear suspensions on premium t bikes, you have to design and build your own.

Bike is a life. At MOAR, we design our ebikes to be used everyday, not just for weekends, or just as a commuter bike. Our patent pending design is the first affordable full suspension Ebike in the market.

Also conveniently allowing you to carry saddle bags for computers, briefcase, groceries and other things. Handily the rear rack also houses our removable lithium battery invisibly.

A fullsuspension reduces the wear and tear on your body and the bike itself by softening jolts and reducing tigue on your hands, legs, joints and rear, even if you bike standing up. Significantly improving ride quality.

An ebike goes almost as st as a scooter, up to mph easily speed limited by state law. The speed is exhilarating but also turns every bump, pothole and imperfections on the road into bone jarring jolts, even for a tbike. We have decided at this speed a fullsuspension bike is the only way to go.

Should you choose to add on our optional Dual LED Projection Headlights, the wirings are all in place already, so no extra wiring hanging out.

While riding is a lot of fun, safety is also high on our list. We have integrated into every one our ebike a horn loud enough for people and traffic to hear you when you are zipping around at mph silently, or getting cut off by other traffic, builtin LED turn signals lights when you dont want to hold your arms out for seconds to signal a turn; and LED brake light so the riders and drivers following you know you are braking when you tap on the powerful disc brakes. All these standard safety features work off your powerful v battery, no more extra battery to charge or forget.

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