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Promote the utilization of waste resources



At the recent 2018 garbage utilization and industrial development forum held recently, Zhao Kai, vice president and secretary-general of the China Circulation Economic Association stated: “The utilization of garbage resources is an important part of the development of recycling economy, and it contains huge business opportunities. According to estimates, During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the total investment in the classification, removal, utilization, and modularization of domestic urban and rural household waste will exceed 700 billion yuan.”
The industry generally says that rubbish is misplaced resources. So, how to promote the utilization of waste resources and realize turning waste into treasure? According to industry insiders, it is necessary to speed up the construction of resource recycling demonstration bases, continuously summarize and explore ideas and model innovations in waste management work, promote the application and demonstration of new waste recycling technologies, new technologies and new equipment, and realize rapid utilization of waste resources in the industry. development of.
Classification is the basis of waste resource
Garbage classification is the basis of resource utilization. However, the classification of wastes in various places is still struggling, and even become a “problem” problem.
“At present, garbage classification has difficulties in front-end and back-end collaboration, difficult roads for hazardous waste, difficult handling of perishable garbage, difficult identification of classification responsibilities, and difficulty in the formation of management forces.” “Realizing garbage classification, system construction is a prerequisite, government-led It is the core, the rule of law is a guarantee, and full mobilization is the basis.”
Wen Zongguo, director of the Circular Economy Industrial Research Center at Tsinghua University, also believes that there are problems such as the lack of incentive policies and legislative restraint mechanisms for residents, the imperfect facilities for sorting and recycling, and the low profit of garbage recycling. “Therefore, waste collection facilities should be established and integrated into the city’s overall plan. At the same time, a resource recovery system led by economic incentives should be established, and waste collection and measurement methods should be gradually implemented, and economic incentives for residents to participate in classified recovery should be improved. Actively launch classified return bins, which are classified and collected by the environmental sanitation department.”
“Garbage classification should be combined with grading and utilization.” Ma Rong, deputy director of the Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that the classification and processing facilities for urban waste classification and urban adaptation should be constructed so that they can be used immediately.
Technology is the key to resource recycling
There are many types of waste, mixed wet and dry, and different types of wastes need to be treated with different technologies, including solid waste treatment technologies, waste incineration power generation technologies, sludge treatment technologies, and food waste treatment technologies. The industry believes that the realization of garbage Resource utilization and technological innovation are key support.

MSWsorting is a company that focuses on solid waste treatment technology and services the development of recycling economy. In the development of waste resource, large-size waste mainly consists of used furniture, which faces low recovery value and inconvenient disposal. In this regard, “we have developed a large-scale waste recycling technology.” Li Xuefeng, Marketing Manager, MSWsorting, Inc. It is said that the large-size refuse processing system is a combination of software and hardware, and it is to realize “wisdom sanitation + resource-intensive processing.” This system includes information collection, centralized processing, automatic dismantling, mechanized capacity reduction, automated sorting, and resource utilization.
“Currently, urban domestic waste is mainly landfilled, and it will be developed in the direction of ‘resources + classified disposal + energy efficient use’ in the future.” Fang Chaojun, technical director of the technical department of Jinjiang Environmental Co., Ltd., said, “Jinjiang Environmental R&D machinery sorting The technology utilizes physical and chemical properties such as the weight, density, shape, and material of the different types of garbage to sort and collect separately.”
Resource recycling base construction has started
In addition, in order to promote the utilization of waste resources and promote the development of recycling economy, the Guidance Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Resource Recycling Bases issued jointly by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing, and the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development proposed that by 2020, In the entire country, 50 resource recycling bases will be built. Ma Rong revealed that the construction of a resource recycling base has started.
Then, how to promote the construction of resource recycling bases, promote waste reduction, resource utilization, harmlessness, and realize resource utilization?
“The resource recycling base is the carrier for the full utilization and recycling of resources, and is mainly a place for sorting and centralized disposal of various types of waste in cities.” Ma Rong said that the base construction needs to be recycled after sorting, and the front end is connected to the city. Garbage removal and transportation system, back-end connection to waste sorting machine incineration, landfill and other systems. At the same time, build information technology based on the Internet and GPS, set up platforms for collecting, storing, and transporting waste, and build an integrated service system and integrated management system integrating waste monitoring, production site monitoring, and pollution discharge on-line monitoring to ensure that waste can be concentrated. Dispose and standardize disposal.
Ma Rong believes that resource recycling bases are also part of the promotion of urbanization. “Green development is a new breakthrough in the construction of new urbanization. Through the establishment of a municipal waste disposal system, the efficient use of resources can be achieved and the green development of the city can be supported. Therefore, all localities must consider the characteristics of various types of waste, and rationally arrange the collection facilities. Standardized storage and transportation of waste.”


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