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For bikers, motorcycles are a passion like no other! Some people are happy to have the same motorbike for years and years, a lifelong partner in crime. Some people like to change it up every few months!

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Theres no stress when you sell WeBuyAnyBike your motorbike

We will stick to the price we offer you. Ensuring the funds at in your account before taking the vehicle. We Buy Any Bike has over years of experience buying motorbikes. Offering a professional and friendly service throughout the transaction. We make sure things go smoothly for you!

Although Auto Trader is a great way of selling your motorbike, it can also be quite expensive. Whether

he was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE

Sell your motorbike toWe Buy Any Bikecouldnt be any more straightforward. If you would like to know any of the finer details check out ourFAQ .

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M A M Automotive LTD Trading as WeBuyAnyBike Unit , Hanworth Court, Hanworth Road, Low Moor, Bradford, BD SG Company No. VAT No.

When you sell your motorbike to us it involves no risk

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We give you an instant motorbike valuation. No waiting around for someone from the office to get in touch

Madejski is now years old, with commercial interests in property, media broadcasting, hotel eslishments, restaurants, publishing and football. He became chairman of Football League club Reading F.C in and he put his name on the stadium. Madejski Stadium was built in with over million contributed by him. Madejski actually kept Reading from receivership. In he took the Royals to the top tier in football. This was for the first time in years of their history. Once taking Reading to the Premier League. Madejski confirmed he was ready to sell up and his reign of ownership ended in May .

As well as creating Auto Trader, Madejski is also Chairman of Reading F.C. Chancellor of University of Reading and Deputy Lieutenant of Berkshire, in

Madejski was born with the name Robert John Hurst in StokeonTrent as a result of a wartime fling. He was placed with a foster mily for a time then was moved to a childrens home in Reading. His mother then married a Polish Second World War airman called Zygmunt Madejski. Hurst eventually moved in with his mother and took his stepthers surname.

In the Sunday Times Rich List of Wealthiest People in the UK. Madejski was ranked nd with a fortune of around million. By his assets had lost a reported m. However, he was still able to earn the nd place in the Sunday Times Driving article of the Wealthiest Brits in Motoring. In the same report of Wealthiest Brits in Motoring was run. Madejski had dropped to st place with an estimated fortune of m.

It is believed the first modern motorcycle was created in the s, a few years down the line the internal combustion engine made an amazing appearance, which then became available for public purchase. From onwards the machines began to be known as the motorcycle.

WeBuyAnyBike an independent company

Madejski was on a Florida mily holiday in the s when he saw a car sales magazine, he was dazzled by the car photos and glossy s. He knew he could make something more of this idea and started created a business plan, Thames Valley Trader was then launched in . The magazine initially started selling all items but quickly saw the vehicle selling section was most successful. The company solely concentrated on vehicles and was renamed Auto Trader. In Madejski partnered with Guardian Media Group to give the brand national exposure.

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In the time of the First World War there was a massive increase in motorbikes, mostly enlisted in the war itself. Over half of Harley Davidsons production was dedicated to the war. The British manucturer, Triumph, wasnt about to miss out on the action and produced the mous Model H which was known for its reliability. There was a requirement once again for motorcycles in the Second World War, by this time the bikes were reaching miles per hour. After the war motorbikes started to be seen as more of an everymans bike, people had bikes to get around quickly and easily. With time bikes were seen as a life choice, part of peoples identity.

After playing an important role in WW and WW, motorbikes could be designed based on , power and rider fun! American and European motorcycle brands dominated the industry for over a century, but thats when the Japanese manucturers got involved. They were producing highperformance bikes at a low cost.  Brands such as Kawasaki and Suzuki flooded the market it extremely hard for other manucturers to compete.

Madejski has always been a forwardthinking businessman, he created a company stemming from his personal love of cars. He owns a number of luxury vehicles such as two RollsRoyces, four Jaguars. Two Bentleys, two Ferraris and has a personal number plate reading JM. Madejski has two children but was never married. He was in the loids in due to some alleged romantic ties with TV star and presenter Cilla Black. Its thought the pair met through mutual affiliations with the Conservative Party.

he was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters University of Reading. He was installed as the th Chancellor of the University

Motorcycles have a long and inspiring history, some great minds came together to create the vehicles we know today. So where did motorbikes come from and how did they evolve?

The founder of Auto Trader is John Madejski, hebrought this idea back from the USA and set up the business with Paul Gibbons. The company started in , beginning life as a magazine called Thames Valley Trader selling for just p! The magazine was designed to buy and sell pretty much anything, household items, cars etc.

you are selling privately or a dealer the advertising costs can be quite high to use their website.

The next year they had their first online website and the magazine went digital. The s were a great time period for Auto Trader, social media and internet usage was massively on the rise. It was clear that advertising online was the future. So the company changed its marketing and digital media strategy to fit with the times. They soon became the online site we know today. is the UKs busiest automotive website. Attracting more than . million users per month. Auto Trader also have a team of people working on their social media, sure they produce current and interesting posts.

A much cheaper way to sell your bike is direct to a bike buyer, for example. It is free to value your bike on the We Buy Any Bike website. We collect bikes for free from anywhere in mainland England in less than days And will give cash on collection. We offer ir and actuate prices on all bikes, this is why we are the UKs top motorbike trader!

If you are a serial seller then you probably already heard of We Buy Any Bike. If not we are the UKs top Bike Trader. All you need to do is fill in your registration and we can give you an instant quote for free.

When you sell to us we collect your motorbike for free. There are no charges you will sell your motorbike quickly

If you are looking for a motorbike trader, you will probably have come across We Buy Any Bike, we buy so many bikes every day, its almost hard to keep track!

There are many bike traders in the UK, but the brand everyone has heard of is Auto Trader.

The very first vehicles that could be seen as a motorcycle started to appear in the midVictorian era, the propulsion source was a clever steam system. From this different inventions began to spring up, in France, a bicycle manucturer called Ernest Michaux fitted a small steam engine to a velocipede bicycle.

People can think what they like about me. I dont care. Its never been a popularity contest. I do it all for the community. In my view, you start life with nothing and you end it with nothing. Id like to enjoy it all before I kick the bucket.Madejski

Madejski has contributed massively to charities and local projects, recently he donated m to the redevelopment of Reading town centre.  He is well known for donated another to the trustees of the Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel Trust in . It was a crucial donation dedicated to the soldiers who fought in the Falkland Island War. Although he was quoted saying his proudest accomplishment has been transforming a iling school into the boroughs first academy

Honestly, the Academy has given me more pleasure and satisction than anything Ive done during my time,Madejski

The site doesnt just concentrate on cars, they are also popular when buying and selling motorbikes. The Auto Trader website is a great tool for private sellers and also bike dealers. People can use the site to price check and do general market research. You can find out who is selling what is in your area and what prices your bike is at. Looking at mileage, condition and age.

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