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Vybz Kartel Bicycle Ride Lyrics bicycle



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bicycle The bike at Worlds craziest rides then and now

California governor signs countrys first IoT security law

TheLevitation concept bikefrom Dezien gives a glimpse at a possible hightech future for bicycles. The concept integrates a generator and battery that powers your devices using energy captured from pedaling. The designers also imagine including a WiFi hotspot and touchscreen LED .

This balance bikemight look pretty normal, but note its unusual construction. The bike is made primarily from recycled cardboard. The company behind it, Cardboard Technologies, hopes to release the bike for kids sometime in as a precursor to a full,pedalpowered cardboard bike for adults.

Meet the reigningGuinness World Recordholding tallest rideable bicycle. TheStoopidtaller bikeis the creation of Richie Trimble, who managed to make a functioning bike thats over feet meters tall. It earned its record in .

This draisineis part of the collection at the Smithsonian in the US.

TheLibrary of Congress information on this is a bit sketchy. Its believed to date from or and shows a woman riding a chaindriven motorized bike, this an interesting hybrid between a motorcycle and a bicycle.

Diavolo, a bikeriding performer, enchanted audiences in the early s with his daredevil loop rides that took him completely upsidedown while he zipped along at high speeds.This from around shows Diavolo in midstunt as a large crowd watches.

This may look like a irly standard bicycle, but its a Victory bike made in during World War II. At a time when many materials were rationed to aid the war effort,the Library of Congress notes, strategic war materials were eliminated in the manucture of the bicycle.

Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly cause comic chaos in Holmes and Watson trailer

The bike with the large wheel is known as a pennyrthing or a highwheel bike and represents one of the earliest forms of bicycles. A more recognizably modern bike stands next to it and a strange compact version with tiny wheels sits to the r right.

Star Wars helped popularize the concept of the hoverbike, a flying vehicle ridden like a regular wheeled bicycle. Here, inventorColin Furze wrangles an experimental homemade hoverbikeheld aloft by powerful propellers in place of wheels. It may not qualify as a bicycle, but its definitely a futuristic take on the bike concept.

Were all miliar with tandem bikes built to hold two riders, but thisquadbicycle dates back to around . These four stylish gentlemen look like theyre ready to race as they tuck into an aerodynamic position. The photo caption reads OrientQuad.

How to watch every Marvel Cinematic Universe film in the right order

Thisbizarre contraption is the work of Charles Oldreive, whopatented the design in . The , which dates to , shows the threewheeled tricycle with a passenger sitting inside. The unusual trike was also called the New Iron Horse, though it iled to replace the steam locomotives that were the original iron horses.

The evolution ofbike technology is on in this photofrom showing three different kinds of bicycles.

Bikeriding daredevils have been around since long before the X Games got started. This dates to and shows abrave soul riding a bicycledown the steps of the US Capitol building. Remember, this is long before the development of mountain bikes with shock absorbers. The photo is titled A perilous ride.

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PlayStation Classic will help you relive the s later this year

The bike at Worlds craziest rides, then and now

PlayStation Classic will help you relive the s later this year

The bike gets even more futuristic with the addition of magnetic levitation meant to reduce resistance and provide a smooth ride over uneven ground. Will this ever be a real bike? It may just have to live in our scifi dreams.

Tesla offers employees free selfdriving and premium interiors for Autopilot driving data

Pedalpower your way through the water with theSchiller Water Bike. Its got all the features of a groundbound bike, except it rides over the waves on a pair of pontoons instead of wheels. Schiller says the vehicle can reach a speed of up to mph kph.

TheYikeBikeoffers an unusual take on a folding electric bicycle. The eyecatching design is meant to be compact, porle and fun, and it features a different sort of riding position with handlebars that wrap around from the back. This shows the bike in a threewheel configuration, but more advanced riders can graduate to a twowheel setup.

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This stereograph double dates to around and showsmedical personnel using a bicycle stretcherto transport a wounded Russian soldier during the RussoJapanese War. Notice how the stretcher sits between two bicycles while horsedrawn wagons wait in the .

Asks Are you a n of the new Amazon Smart Home devices?

Trump officials on G Bring it on, private sector

TheFliz concept bike, a proto from , owes a lot to the original Karl Drais idea for a twowheeled, footpowered bike with no pedals. Instead of sitting on a saddle, the rider is suspended from the tall frame. The cycle works through a combination of running, walking and pushing yourself along.

California governor signs countrys first IoT security law

On June , , German inventor Karl Drais saddled a strange twowheeled creation and rode it in public. The contraption had no pedals, so he pushed it along with his feet. The draisine is now widely recognized as the earliest form of bicycle, which leads us to being the th anniversary of the bike.

Tesla offers employees free selfdriving and premium interiors for Autopilot driving data

Superporle bicycles arent just a modernday d. Thisphoto dates to around and shows a very unusual kind of bike featuring a recognizable chain and pedals, but also an incredibly compact design. It rides on two tiny wheels, and the seat and handlebars appear to be uncomforly close together.

Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly cause comic chaos in Holmes and Watson trailer

Trump officials on G Bring it on, private sectorbicycle The bike at Worlds craziest rides then and now

Free Bicycle Screensaver bicycle

Free Bicycle Screensaver bicyclea.dlnadownload_now_button_click,floatingbuttondln

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Do you remember the feeling of happiness you had when you first rode a bicycle on your own? This wonderful free bicycle screensaver gives you a great opportunity to return to your childhood and reminisce the most exciting moments!

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Bicycle Desbicycleign

CrossBow Tension Bicycle Concepts by Clandestine Design Group

I can hardly believe that its been a full decade since I started this blog by posting one of my old marker renderings.  Though I started with a few of my own sketches, what really kept me interested in blogging were the design submissions from others that I began to receive in those first few

Aerodynamic and structural development of the Specialized Venge QA with Mike Barton of Altair

In case you didnt hear, there was a little race going on in France the last few weeks. Despite the ct that Froome was in yellow for much of the Tour as expected, this was an exciting race to watch and I was bummed to not be in Paris at the finish again. In

By now, anyone reading this has likely seen the recent redesign of the Specialized Venge aero road bike. In the development of the new Venge, Specialized engineers used Altairs HyperWorks software suite to analyze and improve the aerodynamic performance of the bike as well as optimize the weight and structural efficiency of the frame.

A Leitra velomobile redesign by Kuba Szankowski

FrenchBuilt concept bike by Ben Goudout update

After ten years of blogging at Bicycle Design, its time for me to move on. This post may seem a bit like dj vu to those of you who remember my final post from February of last year, but this time I really do need to shift my focus to other projects and goals.  I wont

Velox Volcane, a homebuilt carbon and aluminum bike by Richard Machin

For his final project in Mechanical Engineering at the Danish Technical University, Israeli born Danish citizen Kuba Szankowski designed a velomobile based on the classic Leitra design. He worked closely on the project with Carl Georg Rasmussen of Leitra, who at eighty years young still builds and maintains all the velomobiles, as well as most any

Its that time of year again. Bike show season kicked off on Wednesday with the opening of Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany. One of the big stories from the show this year seems to wireless electronic shifting.  SRAMs new RED eTap system is getting a lot of positive press, and FSA is showing a proto

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Threewheeler with seats and m width Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum

Julien Delcambre currently works as a watch designer in Switzerland, but in a previous job at Scott Sports he designed a few interesting concept bikes.  He points out on his Behance that his main mission at Scott was to redesign the old Gambler a full suspension mountain bike. He was in charge of

Evolution of the Windcheetah a guest post by Karl Sparenberg

I am a big n of Mike Burrows, and have mentioned his work quite a few times over the years at Bicycle Design. In , lifelong cycling natic and engineer Karl Sparenberg of Advanced Velo Design took over production of Burrows Windcheetah recumbent trike, and has been working on improving the materials and manucturability of the

onVeloTilt Design of a low drag practical velomobile

More on the Specialized Eff You See Eye fUCI

onVeloTilt Design of a low drag practical velomobile

Back in the mid nineties, I remember being completely scinated with Damon Rinards How I Made a Carbon Fiber Bike in My Garage article years later, you should still check out the archive of his old Tech Pages if you never saw them, and read a recent interview with Rinard at Slowtwitch. I

onCadence prosthetic and pedal for amputee cyclists

The Gocycle folding electric bike was first mentioned on Bicycle Design in early . At the time, its clean design with a fully enclosed drivetrain seemed quite innovative. Six years later, the latest Gocycle G is still an innovative design, which is why it was recently awarded a Red Dot prize for Product

The top posts from years of Bicycle Design

An earlier version of Specialized Creative Director Robert Eggers Eff You See Eye concept bike was mentioned on Bicycle Design a couple months ago in a post that was also featured on Core. At that time, the personal project bike was just a teaser, a partially assembled primer grey proto, but now Specialized has released

To celebrate their th birthday, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts MIA teamed up with Handsome Cycles to bring some of the MIAs most mous masterpieces to life in the form of three artinspired bikes.  According to MIA Venture Innovation Director Hunter Wright, The MIA is excited to partner with Handsome Cycles, a company that shares the museums commitment

Merge, EVO, and SOLID Bikes from the Core Design Awards

Introducing the Core Design Awards Transportation Jury


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