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sometimes my computer slows to halt and id like to see whats going on. i had other software before but this is great. also cnet is great,no spyware. D


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PapaJohnnOctober , / Version Performance Monitor .

cody_powersSeptember , / Version Performance Monitor .

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Would be nice to have more control over the sizing of the graphs

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Installation looks like old software. While installing several prompts about a newer file exists I did not let it overwrite and then when application started it just hung and locked up PC. May work for others but didnt work for me.

Version . added network max bandwidth in settings, ability to set the update interval time, and ability to backup and restore position of panels.

kottosSeptember , / Version Performance Monitor .

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Sometimes on my laptop XP SP it fights with Chrome for alwaysontop.

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The updated version, .., works great! Can customize graphs, tooltips more detailed info, the ability to double the of graphs for higher resolution monitors, and a small memory footprint.

Show a PC audit in your browser with details on hardware and software.

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Monitor n speeds, temperatures, and voltages in computers with hardware monitoring chips.

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Monitor Your Computers Vitals!

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This tiny execule places four system monitoring graphs on your desktop, but we found them too difficult to read. Performance Monitors settings intece makes it easy to set the visibility and s of the four monitoring graphs, but they dont make enough of an impact. A setting to double the graph s just changes them from tiny to small.

What you dont know may not hurt you, but what you cant see surely cant help you. Performance Monitor will work for a select few with small screen resolution, but all others will need to find a better way to see how their systems are working.


The windows are fully attachable and by moving the CPU window youll move the other attached windows. Performance Monitor can become transparent and permits you to forward leftmouse clicks so you can place it anywhere

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Clickthrough doesnt get in the way of applications, especially on spacelimited laptop screens.



Previous version allowed you to move the whole group by dragging only the CPU monitor, but not this version.

Performance Monitors graphs are easily dragged to sit anywhere on your desktop. Setting an option to make the graphs invisible to regular mouse clicks makes it easy to set them above other applications. You can move your mouse over any graph to get current information. That works better than trying to figure the scale of an unlabeled graph. The four graphs are Disk Usage, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, and Net Usage. We had to roll over each graph to see those titles.

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Monitor main health sensors of your PC system.

Performance Monitor is a program that shows you the CPU, memory, disk, and network utilization under Windows NT platforms. Its composed by four fully configurable small graphs and it can work in the tray area also.

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Move, re, copy, explore, and recover hard disk drive partitions.

benjirooSeptember , / Version Performance Monitor .

timothydhJuly , / Version Performance Monitor .

Monitor Your Computers Vitals!

very to use, avail graphs.can place them in small tray or any where on desktop.many options,as in graphs,opacity of graph.small application.etc.performance bikePerformance Monitor

c mini pocket bike pperformance bike

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Porsche Macan Turbo with Performance Package review Porsche Macan Turbo New Performance Package adds dynamism for dollars performance bike

Yes, spanning just . inches long, the Macan is on the small side, so it doesnt have quite the same utility as some rivals, either in cabin space or particularly in cargo room . cubicfeet with the seats up or with them stowed. However, that tidy footprint partially explains how this Porsche changes direction with an athleticism you just dont find in the segment even compared to performanceminded gems likeJaguars FPaceandAudis SQ. To drive home the whole experience, the Macan sounds properly snarly with its dualmode exhaust cracked open, and its sport seats hug you just right.

It wasnt all that long ago that people wondered if buyers would pay grand for aLand Rover Range Rover Evoque, mostly because it was so small. And here we are, just seven years later, and Stuttgart is asking nearly double that amount for this compact CUV.

A new turbo V, optional air suspension and large menu of available tech make this a performance…

. Beyond its occasionally bland graphics, the main problem is that the touchscreens modest inch dimensions dont allow for multiple s of information to be easily simultaneously ed. Want to have the map up and see whats playing on satellite radio? Youll need to glance at the small configurable TFT screen in the gauge cluster for one or the other. At least the system is compatible with Apple CarPlay.Android Auto? Not so much.

In ct, at an astested price of , delivered, this Macan still doesnt have an upgraded stereo, panoramic roof, premium leather treatments, or any number of other features from Porsches legendarily lengthy options list. With options like the aforementioned inch Turbo Design wheels wrapped in Continental summer rubber , and a Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus electronically locking differential ,, this test vehicle has clearly been specd for driving enthusiasts, not sybarites. Thats generally fine by me, but even so, there are still some basic boxes Id check, like keyless go Entry Drive in Porschese.

The BadSlighty dated infotainment, an astronomical price tag and middling efficiency means this model wont be for everyone.

While Im on the topic of those seats, the cabin that surrounds them is a pretty nice place to spend time. Material quality and fit and finish are very good, though that carpet of transmission tunnel buttons that covers everything from HVAC settings to the active exhaust baffles takes some miliarization. Speaking of which, Im still not a n of the companys obsession with hardclick switchgear, but its something you get used to.

MercedesAMG GLC Coupe More hustle, less cargo space

The Porsche is back as a GT RSbased motorsport monster

Dualmotor Tesla Model possibly coming in July

Love cars? Climb in the drivers seat for the latest in reviews, advice and picks by our editors.

Love cars? Climb in the drivers seat for the latest in reviews, advice and picks by our editors.

Porsche Macan Turbo with Performance Package review Porsche Macan Turbo New Performance Package adds dynamism for dollars

Jags firstever SUV, the FPace, will likely become its best seller in short order. Heres…

As it turns out, many of them dont. The Macan is actually one of Porsches oldest models, yet so r this year, its outselling thePorsche Boxster,Cayman,and Panamera. Combined.

, pickups, and crossoverSUVs. But neither group assumes the same thing when it comes tosports cars. So why should shoppers put a ton of stock in those things when it comes to a crossover that drives like sports car?


Audi ETron Vision Gran Turismo jumps from PlayStation into real life

Porsches Moby Dick is back with a modern twist

The result? The Macan Turbo PP isnt really a conventional luxury crossover at all, and it certainly isnt a roughstuff SUV. Think of it as a ,pound, allwheeldrive sports car thatll let you throw a mountain bike in the back and still close the hatch.

The Bottom LineA very special compact crossover SUV for those with very special wallets.

. Its not even a regular Turbo, which is ordinarily the ranges top model, at ,.* Its the brandnew Macan Turbo with PerformancePackage, which gives its twinturbo, .liter V poundfeet of torque more than the standard Turbo as well as additional horses. Plus, its got a lowered chassis,sporthaust and even bigger brakes to handle that extra muscle.

This thing corners as flatly as a proper sport sedan, and you can feel what its doing through your backside, the pedals and the wheel. Even without Porsches costly optional carbonceramic binders, the Macan will detach your retinas under full braking as often as you like,Porsche Macan Turbo with Performance Package review Porsche Macan Turbo New Performance Package adds dynamism for dollars performance bike and the speed dualclutch gearbox fires off shifts as quickly as you can call for them. This one rides on ridiculously large optional inch alloys, and while the airsuspended ride is firmer, its no worse than key rivals.

The MercedesAMG GLC Coupe slots in the lineup just ahead of the GLC, and both are primed…

Audi SQ Practical and more fun with horsepower

Im going to pause to give you a second or two to absorb that number.

Porsche ditches diesel to focus on electrification


Before we go any further, you need to know one number related to the blue beauty seen here. No, its not the amount of horsepower this particular Porsche MacanTurbo has. Nor is it ., which is how quick this little crossover SUV is to miles per hour. Its not even its top speed. Its . As inNinetySix Thousand Dollars.

The GoodA dynamic standout, with fierce acceleration, poised handling and real feel. Its sharplooking, too.

FPace, Jaguars firstever SUV is ready to play dirty with BMW, Audi and Porsche

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Porsche, Hyundai invest in WayRay to make augmentedreality HUDs

Lincoln cuts back on sales to fleets, hopes to court millennials

Adding to the pain is fuel economy, which is listed at miles per gallon in the city and mpg highway for the standard Macan Turbo. This higherpower Performance Package model has yet to receive EPA ratings, but considering that its engine runs more boost, if anything, those figures are likely to drop slightly. I saw an average of . mpg in spirited mixed driving.

Listen, Im not talking strictly numbers here. Those figures I mentioned earlier mph in . seconds and mph? Those are very similar to that of Porsches own Cayman S, and nobodys ever going to take issue with that models sterling sports car credentials. But anyone can throw a big engine in an SUV and generate spectacular numbers. Just ask Jeep. Im talkingfeel. That intangible, tactile, almost magical quality that transcends spec sheets and lights your soul afire. The Macan Turbo? It doesthatbetter than just about any utility vehicle Ive ever driven.

Porsche Speedster Concept celebrates years of good times

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performance bike Ducati Scrambler Sport first ride review Nostalgia isnt overrated

performance bike Ducati Scrambler Sport first ride review Nostalgia isnt overratedBe respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. We delete comments that violateour policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

While the Scrambler is unabashedly a retroinspired motorcycle, it has a verile crapton of safety technology, most of which is available for the first time on a bike in the Scrambler line. The big news comes in the form of leanangle sensitive traction control and antilock brakes, which is huge, because it takes even more guesswork out of emergency situations. For example, youre riding with friends on a curvy mountain road, and you have your bike cranked over in a corner, when you come across a big rock or tree branch in your path and clamp down on your brakes. On an older, dumber bike youd grab a handful of brake, and the wheel might not lock entirely, but you have reduced traction available for braking while on the edge of your tire and standard ABS wont account for that, so youd still stand a good chance of losing control and crashing. Leansensitive ABS knows how r the bike is leaned over and can modulate its pulses to be gentler, allowing you to more safely bring it down from speed and avoid hitting that stick.

When coaxed into life somewhat reluctantly if its cold out, the engine burbles and pops with abasso profundothat surprises at first, leaving me to wonder if these are indeed standard exhaust cans. But once you give the throttle a few exploratory twists and the idle evens out, it really starts to sound like a Ducati. This is a proper degree twin, friend, no Harleyesque potatopotato noises to be found.

As a brand, Ducati has this reputation for always being on the bleeding edge of technology, sacrificing almost anything in the name of speed and performance. So why, then, would it take an engine that it stopped using in , spend a bunch of money it noise and emissionslegal for and throw it in a new production motorcycle? Because sometimes, nostalgia sells.

Throwing a leg over the bike reveals a reasonable seat even if youre not tall Im feet, inches, for reference. The bike feels light, comforle and immediately natural. It wants to be your friend. The handlebars are upright and wide, and the foot pegs are high enough for ground clearance but low enough not to feel cramped. The seat is huge and looks cushier than it is, but since it is relatively flat, moving around front to back is easy and shouldnt create any problems on longer rides. Overall, finishes and materials are super highquality. This is an expensive, premium motorcycle and it feels like it with few exceptions some of the plastics used on the switch clusters are kind of meh, but this is a minor gripe.

Love cars? Climb in the drivers seat for the latest in reviews, advice and picks by our editors.

Beautiful build quality and a big, booming engine make the Scrambler Sport a total sweetheart to ride.

The instrumentation on the Sport represents a considerable step forward from the previous models in the Scrambler line. You still get the offset round LCD with the ring of ed warning lights and the odd backward tachometer, but you also get a little oval that comes off of it at the oclock position that gives you more information like speed and gear position indicator. Its clearly legible, and Im a n.

Everything about the bike is shaped to tug at your heartstrings and make you feel like the coolest person in your postal code. With its matte black paint and yellow accents, gold forks, big underseat mufflers and round headlight, the Sport looks like the kind of motorcycle on which your exgirlfriends new boyfriend would pick her up. It looks mean without trying too hard.

While the Scramblers engine comes almost straight out of , the gearbox and clutch are fully modern units. Unlike Ducati transmissions of old, the gearbox doesnt require that you kick the hell out of it up or down to get a positive shift. Its slick and easy to use and I have no problem finding neutral or getting any lse neutrals. The clutch is a hydraulic, wet, multiplate unit with a superlight pull at the lever and nice smooth engagement. My only lament is that you dont get the classic Ducati dry clutch rattle, but some things are perhaps better left in the past.

Its engine the ,cc, twovalve, air/oilcooled, degree Ltwin from the Monster Evo has effectively been turned into a dinosaur by the highrevving, watercooled multivalve superbikes of today. But nothing else that Ducati makes today has the same charm as that big, finned lump of aluminum. Its been tweaked slightly, with a single throttle body and twin spark plugs, but the old Monster character is still there.

The Ducati Scrambler Sport is a motorcycle that, on the suce, doesnt make a ton of sense. Its really expensive at around ,, and relatively underpowered, producing just horsepower at , rpm. But the second you throw a leg over it and thumb the starter lever, youre forced to forget all of that. The Scrambler was designed to do one thing really well make you feel good.

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Factor The bicyc performance bike le

Each Factor is custombuilt to fit each inidual owner, ensuring the most comforle ride possible. The lucky owner also gets his or her name engraved on the handlebars.

Asks Are you a n of the new Amazon Smart Home devices?

Trump officials on G Bring it on, private sector

Tesla offers employees free selfdriving and premium interiors for Autopilot driving data

Surprising tech and gadgets you can get on Amazon for under

Asks Are you a n of the new Amazon Smart Home devices?

PlayStation Classic will help you relive the s later this year

may get a commission from retail offers.

Settings can be adjusted via a handlebarmounted touchscreen , and all data from your riding session is stored on a MB porle data logger, which can be removed from the bike and connected to a PC for data analysis.

The Factor s lightweight carbon monocoque frame promotes easy acceleration, handling and sility.

Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly cause comic chaos in Holmes and Watson trailer

Tesla offers employees free selfdriving and premium interiors for Autopilot driving data

Dont expect to see the Factor at the Olympics any time soon its so hightech it doesnt comply with all the usual race regulations. If you want one, head over to theFactor Web site, but before you do, check out some of the pictures in our gallery.

Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly cause comic chaos in Holmes and Watson trailer

California governor signs countrys first IoT security law

Trump officials on G Bring it on, private sector

California governor signs countrys first IoT security law

Ever wondered what would happen if a group of Formula One engineers got together to create a bicycle? Wonder no more, because the fellows at Beru fsystems have done exactly that, and the end product is the Factor a hightech twowheeler worth ,. Puts the ,Ultra Motor AB electric biketo shame, doesnt it?

If that doesnt justify the Factor s enormous price tag, consider this it comes with steeldisc brakes, or the option of carbonceramic brakes like you get on highperformance sports cars such as theAston Martin DBS.

The bike was designed to serve as an elite training system for discerning read incredibly rich riders who want the ultimate in acceleration and sility. Its constructed from a strong, lightweight carbon monocoque frame, but more impressively, it comes with fully integrated GPS and performancemonitoring systems that analyse the riders heart rate, effort and prevailing road conditions to figure out whether youre feeling as much burn as you should be. Perfect for F drivers in training for the new season.

The Factor comes with integrated GPS and a performancemonitoring system with accompanying touchscreen controls on the handlebar.

PlayStation Classic will help you relive the s later this year

It also has an advanced, pushbutton Shimano Di electronic gear system, which switches gears ster than traditional mechinical systems.

The Factor uses a Shimano Di electronic gear system that lets users change gear at the press of a button. This, were told, reduces the time it takes to change gear, shifting the chain about the chainring significantly quicker than equivalent manual systems.Factor The bicyc performance bike le

Motoro performance bike la MOTO G Plus XT GB OctaCore GSM Unlocked Android Smartphone Lunar Grey Refurbished

See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product.

MP Rear Camera MP Front Camera p Video Recording


This button opens a dialog that s additional s for this product with the option to zoom in or out.

Network unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers like ATT and TMobile as well as with GSM SIM cards e.g., MetroPCS

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Motorola MOTO G Plus XT GB OctaCore . GSM Unlocked Android Smartphone, Lunar Grey Refurbished

Electrode, Comp, DCproddfw, ENVproda, PROFPROD, VER..rc, SHAacbcfabd, CID

bprecisioncrafted metal design/b br /One of the first new Moto G phones made from highgrade aluminum, it looks as great as it performs. br / br / boutstanding cameras/b br /The MP rear camera focuses up to ster than ever before.*** Switch to the wideangle front camera for group selfies br / br / bfuel up st/b br /Allday battery and up to hours of battery life in just minutes with TurboPower charging. br / br / bst octacore processor/b br /Apps run smoothly thanks to a blazingst Qualcomm Snapdragon . GHz octacore processor. br / br / bfingerprint reader/b br /Instantly unlock your phone. No passcode required. br / br / bmoto experiences/b br /Get shortcuts to the features you use most, like turning on the camera with a twist of your wrist br /

Get specific details about this product from customers who own it.

SO FAR weeks SO GOOD long battery life; turbo charge; unlocked can use any carrier; quick gesture access to camera, flashlight, etc.; small enough to fit in pocket but large enough to read; sound quality; fingerprint lock; built in app for quick access to user instructions; google assistant, etc.,Motoro performance bike la MOTO G Plus XT GB OctaCore GSM Unlocked Android Smartphone Lunar Grey Refurbished etc. GREAT PHONE FOR PRICE

Motorola MOTO G Plus XT GB OctaCore . GSM Unlocked Android Smartphone, Lunar Grey Refurbished

performance bikeSporting Good

What to choose for your next sports adventureBy Aurora LaJambreRating of

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The great outdoors is yours to explore. No more daydreaming about rafting through the Grand Canyon or waking up on top of a mountain sn….

Sports medicine supplies for athletes from athletic tape and guards to first aid

Paddle board may not be a term you commonly use in your daily speech unless, of course, you are a Californian or Hawaiian native. Paddleboar….

Americas direct source for swimming pool supplies, heaters, pumps accessories

Paddle boards and accessories for recreational paddling, fishing and SUP competition

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Friendly AdviceTodays friendly advice is aboutSkateboardsWhere do you go when you want to see the latest in skateboards and skateboarding gear? Forget the overpriced mall stores! Check out the catalogs on m., featuring the best in skateboards, skater shoes, skater Ts and parts. Whether you need a new deck, trucks or wheels, we have the catalogs that have just what you need. Our vendors feature the brands you want, and prices that wont break your budget. Be sure to look at the complete line of safety gear, too, all designed to keep you in one piece on your next trip to the skatepark.

High shion equestrian clothing, riding pants and jackets

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What is stand up paddle board fishing?By Cindi PearceRating of

What kind of bric is best for swimwear? It may surprise you but the answer is polyester. Why? Because it does not break down when repeated….

Outdoor sports tend to be hard on clothing. Youre actively participating, not sitting and watching the sport happen. So, you need clothing ….

What kind of bric is best for swimwear?By Cindi PearceRating of

You finally did it! You bought a boat and you and your mily are determined to become waterskiers. You need to put a lot of thought into ch….

Performance gear and clothing for camping, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, skiing and more

BMX BikesOff road, street , or free, we have the catalogs that have the BMX bikes and BMX bike parts you need to keep rolling. From wheels to decals to BMX clothes and gear, the catalogs on our site are filled with the stuff you want, at a price you can afford. And its not just bmx bikes either, mountain bikers, we have everything you need for your next adventure, too. We even have the camping gear and equipment youll need for those longer trips, all at great everyday prices.Sporting Good Stores OnlineFind all your sporting goods needs at the Catalogs department that features some of the most respected sporting good stores online. Shop for authentic team jerseys and official team apparel so you are ready for all the big games this season. These sporting good stores online specialize in everything from BMX bikes to basketball equipment and pool supplies.

performance bikeShopping in Tustin

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Mo was awesome for the shirts, he has helped me a couple time in binds and there is no one in the OC that can get it quicker!!!Read more

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, with a few lowend stores such as Gap and J.Crew for the financially challenged common folk.

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