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When it comes to shopping for street bike gear, remember that BikeBandit has low prices and a Bandit Bucks reward program. This helps loyal customers like you save even more money to get the most out of your sport bike.

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It doesnt matter if youre slaloming a winding, mountain road or cruising down a city block on your performance bike; safety counts. Seasoned riders as well as beginners tend to be on the same on that note. Without the proper safety gear, motorcycle accidents can be more serious than most car accidents. So, lets break down a few points about motorcycle safety.

Protective street bike parts are something most riders need as their bike puts on a few years in age. If OEM parts arent really what youre looking for right now, m also has an assortment of aftermarket street bike parts. We do our best to fit every riders needs, no matter what they may be.

Youve probably heard about the fiveyear rule regarding motorcycle helmets. If you havent, its an easy one to remember. Manuctures say that you should replace your street bike helmet every five years. This comes down to invisible wear and tear that degrades the helmets integrity over that length of time.

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It doesnt matter if youre in the market for street bike accessories or sport bike accessories, gloves are a must. At , we hear you when you say that gloves arent always that comforle. Fortunately, we have the latest in comfort and practicality. After a long ride, you know how easily hand numbness can occur. Avoid this danger by purchasing gloves that protect against the vibrations, and keep the feeling in your hands.

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BikeBandit Guest Blogger Series Are You The Invisible Biker

Cruising long distances surrounded by the wind and roar of your sport bike can be a freeing and powerful experience. It can also be really cold! Jackets not only protect you against the wind, but they protect you in the case of a ll. Youll be thankful for having a current model sport bike jacket when any road hazards arise.



Handling. Besides the obvious comfort ctor there are more important reasons that make fullsuspension essential for any ebikes going close to mph. The rear suspension helps tremendously with traction on the ground and lets you keep control of your bike at higher speed, whether you are riding on pothole lined or cracked city streets or a trail with loose gravel, dirt, exposed roots. A Porsche wont be a Porsche without great suspension.

We are finished our launch of MOAR EBikes on indiegogo, now you can preorder by clicking below.

Bike is a life. At MOAR, we design our ebikes to be used everyday, not just for weekends, or just as a commuter bike. It is the way we use our ebikes as transportation, as daily errand runner, as weekend fun and relaxation machine that drives our philosophy and our view of what an ebike should be.

Our own patented design, one of the features that turn Moar bikes into a pragmatic daily commuter and errand runner. A unique sturdy rack that is part of the bike frame, independent from the rear suspension and is welded to the frame as part of the design language of the bike, creating a strong statement and extending the exciting lines of the frame.

Two words, Ride and Handling. ALL Moar ebikes are equipped with both REAR and front suspensions, not just a front fork. There is a good reason that you only find rear suspensions on premium t bikes, you have to design and build your own.

Bike is a life. At MOAR, we design our ebikes to be used everyday, not just for weekends, or just as a commuter bike. Our patent pending design is the first affordable full suspension Ebike in the market.

Also conveniently allowing you to carry saddle bags for computers, briefcase, groceries and other things. Handily the rear rack also houses our removable lithium battery invisibly.

A fullsuspension reduces the wear and tear on your body and the bike itself by softening jolts and reducing tigue on your hands, legs, joints and rear, even if you bike standing up. Significantly improving ride quality.

An ebike goes almost as st as a scooter, up to mph easily speed limited by state law. The speed is exhilarating but also turns every bump, pothole and imperfections on the road into bone jarring jolts, even for a tbike. We have decided at this speed a fullsuspension bike is the only way to go.

Should you choose to add on our optional Dual LED Projection Headlights, the wirings are all in place already, so no extra wiring hanging out.

While riding is a lot of fun, safety is also high on our list. We have integrated into every one our ebike a horn loud enough for people and traffic to hear you when you are zipping around at mph silently, or getting cut off by other traffic, builtin LED turn signals lights when you dont want to hold your arms out for seconds to signal a turn; and LED brake light so the riders and drivers following you know you are braking when you tap on the powerful disc brakes. All these standard safety features work off your powerful v battery, no more extra battery to charge or forget.


T Cycling Srl All Right Reserved C.F. e P.I.

White with red logos. Readytopaint frames also available

Internal via interchangeable FlipTop covers for x/, x/, Di, eTap

We also use Sqaero on the headtube, seattube, seatstays and seatpost.

XPDTN SICILYWhy does it always rain on our Italian trips? Regardless, the Etna volcano is always spectacular.

SRAM Rival Post Mount Hydraulic Disc w/ SRAM mm Centerlock rotor

T Charlie Sqaero CHARLIE STRADA is NOT compatible with the EXPLORO frame

SRAM Rival Post Mount Hydraulic Disc w/ SRAM mm Centerlock rotor

XPDTN REYKJAVIKVisiting the people from Lauf and sampling the trails. Great to combine with Westfjords.

XPDTN COSTA DA MORTE, SPAINRiding in Spain with our friends from ROTOR along the beautiful coast.

The key to the Exploros speed is the aero downtube that is wide enough to catch the airflow coming off the big front tire a skinny downtube wouldnt even touch the airflow. But at mm wide, a full airfoil with a normal ratio would have to be mm deep, causing too much suce drag. So we square off the tail, keeping most of the aero performance with a xmm cross section that is also close to perfect for strength and stiffness; our Sqaero shape. The wide downtube also effectively shields the water bottles.

T Charlie Sqaero CHARLIE STRADA is NOT compatible with the EXPLORO frame

XPDTN WESTFJORDS ICELANDSpectacular landscapes and epic riding conditions once your bike arrives.

Internal via interchangeable FlipTop covers for x/, x/, Di, eTap

XPDTN BEARS EARSCarry a miniRAFT on your EXPLORO, then carry your EXPLORO aboard the RAFT.

XPDTN TAHOE RIM TRAILAround Lake Tahoe on mountain bike trails and paved roads. Bring a flash light!.

XPDTN JAPANGravel riding in Japan while sampling the Onsen baths. And cook noodles by the side of the road.

CLEAN PERFORMANCEInternal cables, hoses and seatpost clamp clean up the frame aerodynamically and visually. Dedicated FlipTop cable guides are futureproof with in mechanical electronic versions for single double chainrings.

XPDTN ISRAELRiding through the deserts of Israel with their great rock formations and the occasional dromedary.

SRAM S w/ T XSync chainring mm for SMALL , .mm for MEDIUM and mm for LARGE and EXTRALARGE

The Exploro is designed to fit road, cross and even mountain bike tires following the GravelPlus standard. The road and cross tires are c, the mountain bike tires use the b , ensuring that all of these have virtually the same overall wheel diameter and therefore the same predicle handling. For c, we recommend ourT Discus wheels, for b ourT DiscusPlus wheels.

The above applies to round rings, oval rings come in various shapes and need to be measured inidually.

There is something magical and fun about riding on a mixture of suces, and only the EXPLORO delivers on all terrains. Its road geometry is st on good suces and capable on bad ones. Its clearance for up to . mountain bike tires means nothing will stop you. And the aerodynamics are so good that even with knobby tires, it outperforms roundtube road bikes with skinny tires. Theres simply nothing else like it.

If youre slow because of gradients, aero doesnt matter much. But if its due to head or crosswinds, youre slow relative to the ground but very st relative to the air and thats what determines the resistance you experience thats exactly why youre slow.

CHECKPOINT CHARLIEFor mechanical efficiency and safety, both seatpost and seattube have a minimum insertion. The Checkpoint ensures you insert the Charlie seatpost r enough into the seattube.

HANG LOOSE HANGERMounting a rear wheel with disc brake can be a pain, we make it easy. Forget the derailleur, focus on the disc, put the wheel in, slide thru the axle and hang the derailleur back with the wheel already securely in place.

SRAM speed PowerGlide™ T with JET™ black finish

ATTACHMENT ANCHORSAttach a small toptube bag onto the frame without using straps which may interfere with your knees. Several bag manucturers make toptube bags in different s following this standard.

XPDTN NORTHUMBERLAND, UKTesting the Exploros aerodynamics with Magnus Backstedt in stormy weather.

You may go slow offroad, but on the connecting asphalt sections you need road riding speed.

XPDTN MONTANA FIRE TOWERTough ride from fire tower to fire tower through the dense woods of Montana.

The above applies to round rings, oval rings come in various shapes and need to be measured inidually.

Frame, fork, seatpost, seatpost internal clamp, front thru axle, front and rear derailleur hangers, front derailleur cable liner, noisecancelling foam sleeve for rear derailleur housing and brake hose

Luteus II TEAM with thruaxle xmm included

Frame, fork, seatpost, seatpost internal clamp, front thru axle, front and rear derailleur hangers, front derailleur cable liner, noisecancelling foam sleeve for rear derailleur housing and brake hose

XPDTN LA RIOJAWe may have picked it for the wine, but well come back for the great gravel roads and trails.

XPDTN TUSCANYEven in the rain the scenery and routes, not to mention Volterra Florence, are worth it.

We didnt want the Exploro to be st in theory, but in the real world. So we tested at a realistic mph kmh instead of the standard mph kmh and optimized the frame for water bottles tough to do long, epic rides without. We even designed the Sqaero shape to work well when covered in mud! The result? A muddy Exploro with mm knobby gravel tires and water bottles red line in the graph is ster than the equivalent clean round tube bike is with mm slick road tires and without bottles grey line.

SRAM Hydraulic brake derailleur with Jagwire sealed housing

Why is aerodynamics important on allroad asphalt, gravel, fire roads, single track rides?

Cable clip, sealed ferrules, Maxxis Superlight inner tubes, reflector kit

Weve created a complete bicycle option for our EXPLORO range with the all new EXPLORO TEAM RIVAL. This product features the EXPLORO team frame outfitted with the latest products from companies like SRAM, WTB and of course our own T components. Selecting the SRAM Rival x shifting, braking and drivetrain duties was the perfect balance of performance and practicality. The x system gives you everything you need and nothing you dont. Innovative, responsible and ready to tackle any conditions. WTB provides the comfort features from the amply padded Volt Pro saddle to their voluminous mm ByWay TCS Road Plus tires. These tires match up very well with the mm inner width of Fulcrums Red Power b wheelset. Our ARX stem coupled with our ErNova handlebar wrapped in Corius Pro handlebar tape delivers a comforle cushioned grip.ExpBikeloro


BikeinceHeres How to Make Your Community Better for Biking and Walking

We train local advocates to make Maine towns and cities more bike and pedestrian friendly.

We are the statewide voice of cyclists. Since , the Bicycle Coalition of Maine has led the effort to make Maine better for biking and walking.

Maine DOT Renews Bicycle Coalition of Maine Contract for Statewide Pedestrian Safety Forums, Education Efforts

Sell Your Quality Used Bicycle at the Great Maine Bike Swap on April !

The coalitions strength comes from our members. Please help make our voice stronger by getting involved.

Presenting Your Bicycle Coalition of Maine Award Winners!

We run successful events, including the Great Maine Bike Swaps, the Womens Ride and the Maine Lobster Ride Roll.

Its Official BikeMaine Is Coming to Presque Isle, Caribou, Madawaska, Fort Kent, and St. Agatha

We educate drivers about how to share the road with cyclists.

We serve as a clearinghouse for information and resources about biking and walking in Maine.

Join our email newsletter to receive the latest updates and news from the Coalition!

We teach bike and pedestrian safety to children and adults.

We work for bike and pedestrianfriendly laws at the state and federal level and we help ensure that they are enforced.

Fuji Bikes

Built into every Fuji bike is years of pride and passion. Fujis centuryold pedaling pedigree is present whether youre climbing on a featherweight allcarbon road racer, slipping through the wind aboard an aero tri machine, ripping singletrack astride a fullsuspension MTB, hopping barriers with a nimble cross bike or spinning the boardwalk on a stylish beach cruiser. For us its not just about the number of years weve created bicycles, its about what people say as a result of those years. More often than not we hear the same thing My first bike was a Fuji.Fuji Bikes

Bike Trail

Bike TrailThe Lake Artemesia Trail—one component of the larger Anacostia Tributary Trail System—completely encircles its scenic eponymous lake in Prince Georges County, Maryland. The trail is also a great…

The Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail provides a safe pathway for students, from kindergartners to doctoral candidates, to walk and bike to school in College Park, Riverdale Park and Hyattsville. The…

Rock Creek Trail forms a winding path, at times narrow, through the urban greenway of Rock Creek Regional Park. The trail extends between Needwood Lake northeast of Rockville, MD, and the Washington,…

The Northeast Branch Trail follows the levee along the—you guessed it—Northeast Branch of the Anacostia River from the Lake Artemesia Natural Area to Baltimore Avenue/US south of Hyattsville. The…

TrailLink is a free service provided by RailstoTrails Conservancy a nonprofit and we need your support!

Following the route of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroads Metropolitan Branch rail line, the Met Branch Trail is a busy urban railwithtrail that shares a corridor with Metros Red Line, MARC commuter…

Located in the northwest section of Washington, D.C., Rock Creek Park is the oldest and largest urban park in the national park system. Eslished in , Rock Creek offers more than , acres of…

The Sligo Creek Trail parallels the eponymous waterway from its confluence with the Northwest Branch in Hyattsville to just north of its origin in Wheaton in Montgomery County. Along the way, a number…

The Northwest Branch Trailan integral part of the Anacostia Tributary Trail Systemruns between the Maryland towns of Hyattsville and Silver Spring, linking two bustling suburbs of Washington, D.C….

The Anacostia River Trail begins in Cottage City, Maryland, at the split of the Anacostia River into its northeast and northwest branches. Those traveling south on either the Northeast Branch Trail or…

Prince Georges Countys Paint Branch Trail not to be confused with Montgomery Countys Paint Branch Trail rther north runs for . miles between Lake Artemesia and Cherry Hill Neighborhood Park…

Detour notice As of Sept. , , a .mile section between Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda and Talbot Avenue in Silver Spring at the northeastern tip of the Capital Crescent Trail also known as the…

Check out the latest issue of Rails to Trails, the quarterly magazine of RailstoTrails Conservancy, for exciting trail destinations, features and other news.

Maryland is home to two Paint Branch Trails, this one in Montgomery County and another rther south in Prince Georges County. This Paint Branch Trail offers a wellshaded, paved pathway…

BikeSports Outdoors

BikeSports OutdoorsAlthough going to the gym a few times a week is a terrific way to get in shape and stay healthy, it can sometimes be difficult to make it to the gym. Runners and bikers can get their exercise in and around their neighborhood, but sometimes the weather doesnt cooperate. Thats why having your own equipment makes it possible for you to exercise anytime day or night without worry about getting too hot or too cold. When buying exercise equipment, there are some things to know before these bigticket purchases.

For a complete workout, consider an elliptical trainer. Similar to a treadmill, an elliptical trainer takes up a decent amount of space. Ellipticals usually run about feet long but can be feet long and between . and feet wide. Because of the stepping action that is part of using an elliptical, you should know that elliptical trainers have stepup s of between and inches above the floor. Having adjusle cushioned handgrips is a nice addition, sure the user is comforle, and allowing users of different s to use it. For multitaskers, you want to look for certain hightech features for the equipment to have, such as USB ports, Web access, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to link to a mobile device. The elliptical trainer should offer several programs to keep your workout interesting, such as hill climbing, longdistance climbs and one that targets a specific heart rate.

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Home gyms make it possible for users to perform many different weight resistance exercises all with one machine in a small space. Some home gyms use free weights purchased separately to provide resistance while others come with the weights attached to the gym. An adjusle bench that detaches is useful for doing several different exercises either seated or lying down. Some gyms that come preloaded with weights have the ability to add more, them useful to people looking to increase their strength levels. There should be a number of accessories as well, such as a pulldown bar, lat bar, dumbbell and leg lift.

Buying the Right AtHome Equipment for the Fitness Enthusiast

Comfort is probably the most important consideration when choosing an exercise or stationary bicycle. The saddle should be padded and designed in a manner of your choosing. Some users like a wide saddle and some like a long, narrow saddle. Adjusle handlebars are features that also add to a users comfort. Weight capacity is another consideration as some lightweight bikes only hold up to pounds while some can hold users of pounds or more. These bikes can be either beltdriven or chaindriven models and should be quiet when operating. Like elliptical machines and treadmills, stationary bikes have builtin programs that allow users to vary their workouts and keep them from becoming tedious. You also want to look for bikes that have heartrate monitors, computer screens that your statistics as you ride and adjusle tension levels.

One of the main considerations regarding a treadmill is how much space it takes up. A typical treadmill is about . feet long and feet wide. For those with limited space, a treadmill that folds up is ideal, and some can fold up so thin that they fit under a bed when not in use. Another consider is stride length. Some treadmills have a long deck area that is dedicated to running while some have design cues that limit the running space. Treadmills should have a high degree of adjusility to be the most useful to you. This includes speeds that should range between and to miles per hour and incline grades of around to percent. Some upgrades to look for on treadmills includes a dock for iPods or MP players, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and USB ports.

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Rowing machines come in four different s air, hydraulic, magnetic and water. All simulate the rowing action of a canoe or kayak in the water. Air rowing machines use flywheels similar to elliptical machines to create resistance. Hydraulic machines use cylinders filled with oil to create resistance. Magnets provide the resistance in magnetic rowing machines, and water pressure provides the resistance in water rowing machines. The seat should be comforle and can either be a saddle or have a back connected to it. Some rowing machines are fixed while some are foldable, which is a consideration for those with limited space. One thing to note is that fixed machines tend to be more durable for frequent home use than folding rowers.

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Bike Orlando

We acknowledge other cities rank as moreoverallpedestrian and bikefriendly due to planning for designated bike lanes and the like, and we also sadly acknowledge that Florida ranks highest for biking talities. This is achallengeto Orlando and the surrounding communities to continue their efforts andinvest in biking and walkingoptions for bothsafetyandhealth.

SeeMore Informationfor safety tips, state regulations, and links to morecycling resources. Remember thatFlorida Lawrequires bicycle riders under years old to wear helmets.

promotes walkable and bikeable communities through raising public awareness and advocating for safe, active transportation, and recreation

Are you visiting Central Florida for its themepark attractions or for business, and looking for a more real experience? Are you a local resident looking for fun outdoor activity with mily and friends?is a great way to see Orlando and its surrounding areas.

working to create, strengthen, and unite state and local bicycling and walking advocacy organizations

working to create healthy, connected communities that support active living and that advance opportunities for all people through walkable streets, livable cities and better built environments

Here you can findpaved bike trailswithin amile radiusof downtown Orlando, Florida… listed by County. All trail s feature

To accomplish this,fundingfor bike trails and bike and pedestrianfriendly roadways needs to be a transportation priority not only at the local but at the state and federal levels. A big step forward was securing funding for theFlorida CoasttoCoast Trail. We encourage you to contact your legislators and representatives and let them know you support funding for bicyclerelated projects. Heres a link tofind your Florida State representatives.

D Destination Trail with unique interest due to length, beauty and variety of uses, worth the drive most include Neighborhood Trail characteristics.

Citizen Support Organization for the Office of Greenways and Trails

N Neighborhood Trails and Paths serving a community to link homes, shopping, business, parks, and schools.

developed by the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute.Bike Orlando

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